September 2020

Will is giving an invited talk by video at the Global Experts Conference on Materials Science & Nanotechnology in Amsterdam, Holland. The talk will be available online after the event, so check back for details.


April 2020

Will’s paper was accepted by Acta Materialia. The paper is titled “The role of doping and microstructure on hydrogen solubility in monoclinic ZrO2: Experimental validations of simulated defect chemistry.”


January 2020

Jason won an Undergraduate Research Scholarship from the Microscopy Society of America! Based on his research proposal, MSA will provide financial support to fund his research in the lab over the next year. Congratulations Jason! Link to UCI SSoE article.

Somnath is giving an invited talk at the 44th International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC 2020) in Daytona Beach, Florida. The talk is titled: “Engineering eco-friendly spinel-periclase refractories for RH degasser steelmaking” and can be viewed online here.

Jenna is moderating a webinar hosted by the Microscopy Society of America Student Council. The webinar will focus on best practices for Communicating Science.

The Bowman Lab welcomes Undergraduate Researchers Shengquan Xuan, Fernando Robledo and Jason Luong, Bachelor Students in MSE!


December 2019

Will was elected as a Director of the Microanalysis Society. He will serve a term of three years.

Will gave an invited talk at The UCI School for Transmission Electron Microscopy (UCI-STEM). The title was “Introduction to transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning TEM (STEM)”

Will gave an invited talk  at The Second International Symposium on Advanced Microscopy and Spectroscopy (ISAMS-2). The title was “Linking nanoscale composition to electrical conductivity of grain boundaries in oxides”


November 2019

Will’s paper was accepted by ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. The paper is titled “Linking macroscopic and nanoscopic ionic conductivity: A semi-empirical framework for characterizing grain boundary conductivity in polycrystalline ceramics”.

Will’s ChemRxiv preprint is online titled: “A New Data-Driven Interacting-Defect Model Describing Nanoscopic Grain Boundary Compositions in Ceramics”.

Will gave an invited talk at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) in Anaheim, CA.

Will was a webinar panelist to discuss Benefits of membership in the Microscopy Society of America. The webinar was hosted by the MSA Student Council.


October 2019

The Bowman Lab welcomes Somnath Mandal, PhD Student in MSE!


September 2019

The Bowman Lab welcomes Jenna Wardini, PhD Student in MSE!


August, 2019

Komal accepted the Student Scholar Award for Microscopy and Microanalysis from the Microanalysis Society. She also presented her research on sintering techniques applied to three-phase ceramics. Congratulations Komal!

June, 2019

Hasti and Jairo have been awarded the Goldstein Scholar Award from the Microanalysis Society. They will use this support to attend the 2020 Arizona State University Winter School on High Resolution Electron Microscopy. Congratulations Hasti and Jairo!

The Bowman Lab welcomes Jairo Gonzalez, PhD Student in MSE!

The Bowman Lab welcomes Anirudh Chari, Visiting Graduate Student in MSE!


May, 2019

The Bowman Lab welcomes Komal Syed, PhD Student in MSE!


April, 2019

Hasti was awarded the  2018-19 Samueli School of Engineering PhD Bridge Fellowship. Congratulations Hasti!


April, 2019

The Bowman Lab welcomes Hasti Vahidi, PhD Student in MSE!


April 1, 2019

The Bowman Lab officially opens!