If you are interested in joining, please email your CV or resume to Will (, and include a brief statement describing your research interests and objectives, why you find our research interesting, and how you see yourself contributing. If you have additional questions, feel free to inquire by email.

Video Production Intern

The Bowman Lab ( in the UC Irvine Department of Materials Science and Engineering seeks an intern with video production experience to produce videos featuring the Lab’s research and teaching activities. The main objective of the internship is to record video and audio of laboratory experiments and lecture presentations. Production intern will have significant creative license to benefit their portfolio. Videos will be used for educational purposes in UCI courses, and will be presented at international scientific conferences to disseminate the Lab’s research activities globally while minimizing its carbon footprint. Video and audio recording equipment, and post production software is provided by the lab.

Desired qualifications: Video recording with DSLR, audio recording of conversations and monologues, lighting and color, video editing with Final Cut Pro X, data management and archiving, distributing videos via web (e.g. YouTube) and social media platforms.

Desired time commitment: 5 hours per week

Undergraduate Researcher Position in Automation of Electron Microscopy

The Bowman Lab ( in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering seeks an undergraduate researcher who is excited to code an object detection and hardware control algorithm for an electron microscope. This will directly benefit the Lab’s work on nanomaterials for sustainable energy conversion and storage applications, such as fuel cells and batteries. Candidates should be prepared to design and implement a Python GUI, computer vision based on machine learning and/or Open CV. Microscope hardware functionality is controlled via vendor-provided API written in Python or C++ scripting language.

Desired qualifications: Experience building applications in Python; experience scripting with C or C-based languages, basic/working understanding of machine-learning, a flexible engineering attitude

Desired time commitment: 8-10 hours per week

Interested candidates should email Prof. Will Bowman ( a brief statement detailing their interest in this project and current CV/resume.

Information for undergraduate researchers (UGRs)

The Bowman Lab is highly supportive of Undergraduate Researchers (UGRs) in an effort to effectively advise students, provide outstanding teaching at the undergraduate level, and contribute towards increasing the number of students (especially from underrepresented groups) pursuing graduate degrees in MSE. There are many ways to get involved. Curious, dedicated and hardworking undergraduates looking for real research experience are always welcomed.

UGRs work independently on a project related closely to that of a PhD Student or Postdoctoral Researcher, and give at least one oral presentation per quarter about their research. UGRs are paid hourly and expected to work about 10 hours each week. To become a UGR in the Lab, you will spend one quarter (~ 3 months) working on a voluntary basis without a formal appointment. This is analogous to the PhD rotation, and gives the prospective UGR and their potential supervisor(s) and colleagues a chance to evaluate the prospect of a successful UGR appointment. During this quarter UGRs may receive course credits via MSE 199 Independent Study (letter graded or pass/fail).

MSE 199 gives one unit per three hours of weekly research. Students who want to take MSE 199 need to fill out the Proposal for Individual Study form which is found at Once the form is completed (units, project description, etc.), then the student will need to obtain the instructor’s signature. Finally, the form needs to be submitted to the Engineering Student Affairs Office for course authorization. MSE 199 students are expected to attend the weekly Lab meeting, a weekly individual meetings with a project supervisor, and deliver an oral presentation on research progress at least once during the quarter.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) funding. All appointed UGRs will be expected to apply for UROP funding. You can only apply in the Fall or Spring quarters, and can only submit one proposal per project. UROP’s call for proposal page: and submission guidelines