Hasti Vahidi

Hasti Vahidi
PhD Student
Materials Science and Engineering

Hasti received her B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering – Ceramics from the Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran in 2016. Her undergraduate research focused on investigating the influence of yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) on mechanical and physical properties of glass ionomer composites for dental applications. In 2017, she joined the Materials Science and Engineering M.S. program at UC Irvine, where she conducted research to understand the basic science underlying deformation and mechanical properties of high entropy oxides. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Prof. William Bowman’s group at UCI.

Research Project:
Hasti’s research focuses on understanding structure-property relationships to design ionically-conductive oxide interfaces for renewable energy applications. She is particularly interested in the role of defect chemistry on grain boundary ionic conduction in doped ceria-based electroceramics.